4 Natural Ways of Enlarging the Breast

By | June 15, 2017

Breast is a mass of glandular and fatty tissues. Breast tissue changes during menstrual cycle, puberty, during gestation or after menopause. Overages women have naturally wished for breasts with a moderate size or big size. It gives so much confidence and gives nice body fitness. In Africa, models are basically regarded as endowed women (women with big boobs). While some women are born with large breast some are born with small sized breast, and those with small sized breast tend to want a bigger one. The fear of cancer and other diseases have put fear in the mind of those planning to boost their breast size with cream or other medicinal remedies for breast enlargement.

Below are 4 ways that you can naturally enhance the size of your breast:

  1. Exercise

    The best form of exercise that helps enlarge the breast are exercises that help to strengthen the pectoral muscles and chest wall Exercises such as push-ups, bench presses, dumb bell bench press, exercises that involve the movement of the arms and shoulder. These exercises will help to tone the skin and muscle tissues within the breast region. Exercise such as these could make the breast firmer thus making it appear larger.

  2. Massage

    Research has it that massage goes a long way in developing the breast. Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine has it on record that massaging the breast always can increase your breast size. Massage works by increasing blood circulation within the breast region and also helps to stretch out the tissues within the breast to make them look bigger. While massaging your breast, you could use natural oil like almond oil or olive oil.

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  3. Food

    This may sound weird but it’s a very nice way of enhancing your breast size but you should bear in mind that when I said food I am not referring to any type of food, specifically I am referring to estrogen rich food. There are foods that are good in ensuring that there is adequate female hormone in the body, some of these foods are yogurt, soybeans, tofu, flaxseeds etc.

  4. Weight Gain

    Since the breast is being made up of fatty tissues just like other parts of the body. You could simply make it add a little just like the rest of your body could. Since you are thin why not use the opportunity to add some fat, you would be surprised at the size of your breast if you put up some weight. You should also bear in mind that people gain weight differently in different areas of their body, some gain weight more on their thighs while some more on their buttocks. Hence I will advise you eat wisely and use the right exercise to back it up and then watch your breast enlarge. You can gain weight, then take exercise programs that only help you lose weight on all other parts of the body except the breast.

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