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Vagina Soap Washing – Reasons you should never wash Your Vagina With Soap

I am going to give you tips on how you can pamper your vagina because that vagina is not just a sex organ but a reproductive organ. It is a channel for procreation. I believe that when we talk about health, your vagina should be a top priority. Firstly I will like to give you… Read More »

Wide Hips!!! Amazing Ways to get it Naturally

Celebrities like Nikki Minaj are trending all over social media simply because of how they look, that curvy shape which eventually shows the protruding nature of her ass. Everyone wants to look good, it brings about attraction, confidence and high esteem. You no longer have to keep feeling inferior simply because that lady looks curvy… Read More »

Make Your “V” Tight: 4 Natural Ways

Ladies sometimes get so worried about their vagina; they mostly feel that a loose vagina is as a result of too much sex. That’s not it, too much sex or big penis does not cause a loose or flappy vagina. Loose vagina could be as a result of ageing, menopause, childbirth or other health reasons.… Read More »

5 Natural Ways to clear your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are normal, they are narrow streaks, stripes or lines that develop on the skin. They happen when your skin changes shape rapidly Here are some ways you can get rid of stretch marks naturally Drink Plenty of water This may sound strange, someone will ask what’s the relationship between stretch marks and water.… Read More »

Natural Ways to Boost Your Butts 2017

The buttock has always been known as one of the physical attributes that have troubled women for centuries as some were born with fairly large buttock and some with a smaller one. This has always been seen as an intimidating factor in the women’s world. Some women with smaller buttocks tend to have low self-esteem… Read More »

4 Proven Natural Ways of Improving Sexual Performance 2017

Sex is one of the most important binding factors in every marriage. It is believed that in other for one to save his or her marriage, the sexual drive has to be balanced on both sides. Statistics have it that at middle and older age there is a gradual decline of sex drive in both sexes. Most… Read More »

4 Natural Ways of Enlarging the Breast

Breast is a mass of glandular and fatty tissues. Breast tissue changes during menstrual cycle, puberty, during gestation or after menopause. Overages women have naturally wished for breasts with a moderate size or big size. It gives so much confidence and gives nice body fitness. In Africa, models are basically regarded as endowed women (women… Read More »

4 Effective Ways to Prevent Heart Attack

Heart attack simply occurs when a segment of the heart muscle dies due to lack of blood supply. Inadequate or lack of blood supply is caused by blockage of a coronary artery by blood cloth. The heart is a hollow muscular organ that pumps blood through the circulatory system by contraction and expansion. There are… Read More »


Are you considering getting a breast enlargement? Do you have a friend or a relative that wants to do so? if so, you must read on and share with a friend, it might be crucial to their decision and they will have you to thank later in life. The breast is not only an organ… Read More »