Prostate Cancer: 4 things you need to know

By | April 23, 2017

Do you know that prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men? That approximately 1 in 7 men is diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. although prostate cancer in rare in men below age 40, it is still the 3rd leading cause of cancer death related death in American Men and experts believes that most men have traces of it. 1 in about 39 men will eventually die of prostate cancer. You can see that it is very important you know how to prevent prostate cancer naturally, some of these you will enjoy.

amazinghealthtips.infoThe prostate gland is an organ only found in men and is essential to the male reproductive system. This big-sized gland is located just beneath the bladder and produces prostate fluid, a major component of which is male sperm. When someone has prostate cancer, it simply means cancer is growing in the prostate.

It is important for you to know that people who spend long periods of time in a seated position and who have increased pressure from automobile vibrations have a higher risk than others. Examples of some of these occupations and lifestyle settings are bus drivers, truck drivers, motorcyclists, pilots, and men who have long daily sitting activities. Click here to read more on causes and treatment of prostate cancer. Today I want to bring to your knowledge natural ways you can use to prevent prostate cancer.

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There is some reasonable evidence that maintaining a healthy diet will go a long way to reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men, here are some eating habits to consider:

  • Consume more fruits and vegetables.

             Fruits and vegetables are great sources of various nutrients, vitamins and minerals which have been linked to helping in reducing the risk of the diseases. You have to consider increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you add to your diet daily as it contributes immensely to reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

    Some of these super fruits you may consider


prostate cancer

Soybeans and legumes

prostate cancer

Green tea

prostate cancer 

  • Reduce your intake of meat, dairy, sugar, fat and processed foods. 

Men who eat more dairy products, such as cheese, yoghurt, milk or diets high in calcium, have an increased risk of prostate cancer. Fats from animals are most likely to be associated with an increased risk of the disease. but this risk is still considered low. 

  • Consume more fish

prostate cancer

If you don’t currently eat fish, you might consider adding it to your diet. Evidence from several studies suggests that fish can help protect against prostate cancer because they have “good fat” particularly omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid trans fatty acids (found in margarine).





prostate cancer

One great way to really reduce the risk of prostate cancer is to exercise regularly. One of the exercise I recommend is aerobic exercise.






prostate cancer

evidence shows that men who have frequent sexual intercourse or ejaculate often may lower their risk of prostate cancer. When you ejaculate, cancer causing compounds that have accumulated in the gland are flushed out.


You should know that being overweight or obese probably will increase your risk of advanced prostate cancer. Keep your weight in check.

So as we keep searching for better ways to prevent this deadly disease from our life, it’s advisable to follow these instructions and guidelines so as to remain in good health of mind and body. I promise to keep us posted with latest results and development.

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