5 Amazing Health Benefits of Tiger Nut that will Blow Your Mind

By | April 22, 2017

Amazing Health tips

Tiger nut is popularly known as Aki Hausa in Eastern Part of Nigeria, This is because it is mostly associated with the Hausa tribe in Nigeria. Ghanaians call it Atadwe, it puts so much smile on the faces of men due to its sexual benefit. Tiger nut has a very sweet taste and has enjoyed the patronage of the Spanish for centuries now. It is also well recognised because of its high fibre content. You can eat tiger nut in its natural form, dried form or even mash it into its milky or juicy form.

Benefits associated with eating Tiger Nuts includes:

tiger nut

  1.  It helps to boost Erection

Tiger nuts have been traditionally used for ages to aid erection and treat erectile dysfunction, in places like Ghana and Nigeria Tiger nut is well known for this particular health benefit.

  1.  Contains a lot of fibre

Research has it that about 0.3 fraction of tiger nut contains fibre. Fibre is essential in the body since it aids digestion. It contains fibre more than most food and fruits such as oat, apple and vegetables.

  1. Tiger nut contains Potassium

It contains a lot of potassium and potassium is one of the essential minerals that the body needs to function properly. Potassium regulates muscle expansion and contraction, it also helps to regulate blood pressure and helps in food digestion.

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  1. Helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases

Tiger nut contains vitamin E and according to the office of dietary supplements of national health institute in the United States of America, Vitamin E is an umbrella for numerous fat-soluble compounds with rich antioxidant qualities. Vitamin E also helps to prevent free radicals in the body and by so doing, it prevents cancer and slows down ageing process.

  1. Contains Protein and magnesium

It contains a lot of protein, it is one of the best sources of protein. Protein is essential for body building and aids in skin beautification and smoothening. Magnesium helps in the building of immune system and proper nerve functioning. Tiger nut contains an adequate amount of magnesium. Research has also shown that magnesium is effective in regulating heartbeat, it keeps the heart at a steady rate.

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