Vagina Soap Washing – Reasons you should never wash Your Vagina With Soap

By | August 13, 2017

I am going to give you tips on how you can pamper your vagina because that vagina is not just a sex organ but a reproductive organ. It is a channel for procreation. I believe that when we talk about health, your vagina should be a top priority.

Firstly I will like to give you a sound warning, please stop putting soap there. Do not use soap to wash your vagina and don’t douche it. I am going to give you reasons why I am strictly against it.

The vagina has its own level of potential hydrogen (PH). PH is actually a measure of alkalinity or acidity of a water soluble substance.

The Vulva

The Vulva

The mucosal lining of the vagina does not secrete sebum to offer protection against the drying effect of soaps. The labia minora would have helped in keeping the vagina healthy if regularly washed but it doesn’t contain some sebaceous glands. Washing your vagina with soap kills the bacteria in the vagina which actually is the natural environment of the vagina, this bacteria is also responsible for controlling acidity and alkalinity of the vagina.

Destroying the normal PH of the vagina with soap allows vaginal dryness, over growth of yeast and bacterial vaginosis which brings about vaginal-odour.

What Should you know About your Vagina?

Based on research I have discovered that some ladies don’t even know what is expected and what is not expected of their vagina. I always advise people especially young people to know the purpose of their vagina because there are lots of things you could do to it and it will bounce back in a negative way. The vagina is actually cleaner than the mouth, after menstruation it automatically cleans itself. Recently vagina rejuvenation and classic surgery are gaining popularity, ladies want to make their vagina look how they like but I will advise that it’s not a good procedure. You were created that way and I am sure it’s for a purpose; you don’t need to go extra miles for an unnecessary attention.


Proper Ways to Care for the Vagina?

The vagina was never designed to smell like a flower, so you don’t have to try making it feel like one. You only need a warm water to clean your vagina. I would suggest that before you start bathing, most especially before you touch your soap use warm water to wash your vagina gently and with care.

Vaginal Itching or Discharge?

It’s simple but I will like to notify you that washing your vagina with soap simply because you feel it will wash out those itchy discharges or that foul smell is not advisable. Soap could worsen that infection and take it to an advanced stage. I strictly recommend you go see a doctor for counseling and tests once you notice that you have been infected with an STI instead of trying to wash it off.

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